Corporate and Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Embedding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly part of today’s core business strategy, and most leading UK companies have a strategy in place. Businesses are recognising the genuine bottom line benefits that closer links with the community can deliver.

The People Need Skills Ltd, the parent company, scheme delivers effective staff training as we work with you and your staff to improve their Maths and English qualifications up to A level standard at no charge.

This training could save you costly recruitment when job positions become available and internal staff cannot apply due to low qualifications. It also provides a self confidence boost and makes them more industrious.

This scheme provides great team spirit as groups encourage each other towards successful completions. On achievement each individual gets the opportunity to make a donation on your company’s behalf to either a charity of their choice or one of our 2 nominated charities chosen by us each year. The cost of this donation is borne by us and doesn’t cost you a penny.

Our chosen charities for 2020 are  “HARP”, and “Dogs Trust”.

Please click on their links below to read more about them. 

Harp Southend Homeless Charity ImageDogs trust Image
If you would like to know more about adopting an animal, please visit our friends for their ultimate guide to pet adoption by clicking the image below.
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